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Had a freeze dried backpacker meal cooked over a JetBoil. Those stoves are Amazing cold water to boiling in a minute. Not unbelievable but amazing. (In the words of Isle of Man competitor Guy Martin, "unbelievable would be seeing a man eat his own head.").

Rain, at this point I'm really getting sick of rain every night. I had really hoped to sleep under the stars most every night.
At some point fairly early I could hear a commotion at the far end of the camp. Figured it was the kids group putting their food in the bear proof storage. Turns out that was not the case. After getting totally pissed off and frustrated, I hear him pass my tent. He then proceeded to try and rape the bear proof food storage container across the path from my tent. I got pissed off since it was past quiet hours so I yelled at him. That worked, by the time I had my shoes on and unzipped the tent he was gone. My neighbors, had there flashlight out and were shining it everywhere. Figured it was a good time to walk and drain the lizard. The bear never came back or at least it did not wake me again.

In the morning we rode the river road to the end and back up out of the canyon.

After messing around on the rim for a few hours we headed to Ouray for lunch and up and over the million dollar highway to Silverton. All I can say is a million dollars was a bargain for that road.
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