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Fantastic ! Thank you very much for building this !
Was just talking about the need for a mid-sized (larger than stock, smaller than the Safari) tank today...

1: you mentioned the tank was built from the same materials as the original. Is it the same thickness as well ? (hoping its as strong or stronger as the stock tank)

We have the ability to mold the tank as thick or thin as desired. We're shooting for slightly thinner than stock as the OEM tank is as much as a half inch thick in places. Trust that this tank will be plenty strong.

2: whats the width at the knee position, and where the inside of the thigh would be (farthest rear point) ?

The section between your knees is similar to the stocker, but transitions better from the seat on down. For the tall rider I've kept the profile narrow much further forward than stock as can be seen in the pictures above.

3: standard (plastic) tank cap is included, or... ?

A cap option needs to be selected from the ones listed above.

4: as airflow is so critical to the rad, how's the position/width of the tank (in that area) compared to the stocker ?

KTM engineered this part so air flow is not a problem.

5: does the fuel pump mount in the same place ? and the horn ?

Fuel pump goes in the stock location. Thread inserts are in place for the fuel sender, but if you no longer use the stock (useless) sender we can leave the hole unopened. The horn location has been eliminated to increase fuel storage.

6: Can you talk a little more about how the tank is secured, bolted on ?

Rubber coated bushings support the nose and lower sections of both sides. Rubber pads support the tank resting on the upper rear frame tubes. And lastly there is a single bolt the secures the rear of the tank at the very back just below the seat. This mounting design is very similar to KTM's dirt bikes.

~ Ken
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