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Insurance quote

This is the quote I received from DiscoverBaja for 2008 GSA Canadian citizen with ongoing provincial coverage.

The premium would be: $291.86
Deductible for damage: $500 and deductible for total loss: $ 1000
Liability: $ 70K
Legal aid and bail bond $ 20K
Road assistance: $ 300 dlls

Nothing for rider and pillion, but I already have Insurance for accident/sickness/hospitalization, plus emerg evac with the Global Star (SPOT) policy. So no need for anything else than above.

This is for a year, I think it's a bit high, but It looks like shorter term policies are even more expensive. Mexadventure gives various instant quotes between 380.00 and 514.00, depending on deductible and liability amount and hospitalization for rider and pillion.

Those are US companies, I wonder if I would get a significantly better price if I get the insurance from a Mexican vendor after crossing the border.

Saying this I know the nature of insurance, so will likely not need it, and paying more does not necessarily mean a better policy.

I also plan on to leave for Argentina around Sept-Oct 2013, and will go through Mexico again, so a year policy would actually make sense.

Just wondering what others have done in the recent past.

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