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It was getting late when we finally made it to our "hotel". We stayed at the shilo-inn, which is more of a timeshare. A few people live there full time, but for the most part everyone else owns the units and rents them out seasonally. Our "room" was actually a 2 bedroom condo that to be honest, I'd have no problem living in. If i had to guess id say it was about 1,200 square feet. Parking was just as good. They have a covered, gated garage that is for the owners but I was able to have the manager point me to a spot that wasn't being used (gave me a clicker and all :) ). And as icing on the cake, there was a car washing bay right next to the building. A few quarters later and I even had a clean bike!! Due to the recent episodes wi Stephanie's monster, I decided against washing it. It was a pressure hose and although I spray the bike from 10 feet away, I didn't want to take any chances. Besides, I need the clean bike to look good, she doesn't.

We got ready and walked over to have dinner. Again, the mussels and fat juicy steak went down faster than a fat kid at dodgeball, so no pictures of any of it. One thing that stood out at dinner, and I guess almost popped out, was the chest of the lady at the table next to us. We both thought it was just a matter of time before that top had had enough and just gave out. I haven't seen anyone exposing themselves like that since we moved away from Miami. Her and the guy she was with made an odd couple. He wore what looked like 70s style tennis shorts with an Adidas track jacket and she wore that dress that obviously had a lot more material going downwards than it did the other way.

We walked back to our home for the night. I checked on the bikes and as I do everywhere we go, no matter how safe it may look, I locked them up. I've always thought I'd feel pretty stupid if on one of these trips I decided to not take the 2 minutes it takes me to do it. I have insurance, but I don't have insurance that will cover my ruined trip.

Oh I almost forgot about the crazy guy on the corner wailing away like a baby. Here's a link to the audio. Pretty funny actually. I figured he was either really crazy or really drunk. Either way I played to his inner child and just gave out a really loud "SHHHHHH!!!!!!". He looked up and said....."oops, sorry" And left. And here Stephanie was saying to call the cops!!!!

That's it for now. To be continued...
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