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Moving on

It should be known that our beverage purchases were not consumed completely at night. Therefore in an effort to alleviate the load on the bikes some were finished in the wee hours of the morning upon rising. Now you may think the weight would be the same for the bike as the lbs. would still be there. It is much easier to carry captain morgans in your belly than in your backpack. To this end we would be sure to polish the bottles prior to leaving each morning.

This led to some weary travelers in the ladder part of some of the days. So mid stream when pulling for Moab I broke off to find suitable accommodations for a shower and some down time.

While Scott and Jesse plowed thru the 105 degree desert, I pealed off and headed for a shower, a real clothes washer, and a real nap. It was mid point of the trip and I was in dire need of some hospitality. This place sufficed. A fantastic lunch in Moab (pizza)

and a 2 hour nap and I was feeling much better. Scott and Jesse came along later in the day and we relaxed and watched some TV and got showers and laundry done. We headed out for dinner at the buffet (same restaurant)and then back to relax and have a great nights sleep. Followed by a free hotel bfast.

Yes we are a messy bunch. I'm didn't check my credit card to see if a disaster zone fee was charged.

We had prior to the trip shipped some new fresh tires to Moab Power Sports. We had planned on ruining the tires by this time. Well, we didn't. Scott had his changed while Jesse was allowed to use the comfort of their shop to change his own. Which ended in having them do it. Pinch flats are a bitch.

These peeps were really great to us, they allowed Jesse to use their front room to work on his bike and allowed me the use of a Razor to run some errands.

My D606 somehow had survived the trip thus far, which is really weird as I would think 1000 miles would have destroyed it as usual. So I was left to carry a spare rear tire the rest of the trip. Thinking I would change it on the trail once needed. Never did.

We met some really cool peeps from the UK and visited with a lovely female rider for a while. Talk about a catch. She was riding a GS and had it loaded with at least 125 lbs of gear doing the TAT. Her fellow rider was their and had pre shipped some sprockets for his Xchallange. While he was tending his bike Jesse was drooling over the young lady. Hopefully Scott or Jesse got a shot of them prior to our departure. They were really hardcore and had quit their jobs in the UK and come to ride the US and end on the Island up north and look for work. Something I would like to do in their end of the world. Someday, someday!

As soon as we left we headed up a very difficult section of sharp baby heads.

We climbed and climbed. Then we came around a corner and this was in our way..


I come around another corner and find Jesse on the ground and his bike laying on it's side. Hmmmmm...Another "accident"?


A mechanical issue. Guess what it was. Pinch flat. Jesse had decided that the 2 seconds I was behind him was too long to wait for proper tools and threw the bike on it's side and started removing the tire. Gung ho! Truly! Never seen a tire changed that way, but it worked with a little wrestling.

This is while I kept scanning the skies for lightning. It was crackling and striking all around us. Made for a few hurry up Jesse. Hurry up let's get under cover NOW!

We made it and continued on to find shelter for the impending weather. Didn't go half a mile and found Scott sheltering under a few trees next to a creek relaxing in his chair. We passed the captain around a bit and waited about 30 minutes for the storm to pass. It was getting cold, so a little nip warmed us right up. We continued to climb up and up. Until we reached this. It was a real treat to find the top finally.

Now for those that have a carb on their bike you will understand this. The DR while running and carrying me and all my shiit, started to bog down a lot up here. She kept running and starting, but the power was gone. It was what I was worried about prior to leaving and had me put together a set of jets to bring along. I forgot them at home and was now at the mercy of the TM40 pumper gods. They pulled me thru with flying colors I think.

We continue on and start down the hill. We get to some very slick spots and some really ruff goings. All passed the pass without incident though. We started looking for a place to camp. We pass a few ponds with shitters and continue down further, as the elevation would have meant for a very cold night. We were semi prepared for weather, but not freezing nights for sure. My sleeping bag was rated at 40 degrees and everyone knows that means 60 degrees. I have slept in sub freezing temps in it before and had some very very rough nights.

So, we rattle down the mtn some more until it heats up a bit. And find a perfect spot all to ourselves.

It was actually a great spot to spend a night. The views were amazing and the life was out in full force the next morning.

The next morning we packed up early and headed down for the heat of the desert. We ran into this little campground that I hope Jesse will post his pics of because there was a waterfall you could walk behind. He got some pretty good shots of us behind the falls.

Here is a little video of the campground and damn. Maybe one of you locals can tell us the name and have some more pics of the place. Their were tons of trout in the stream you could practically grab with your hands too.

My hero died after this. damn thing uses more batteries than any other device I carry. POS in my book in that respect.

Into the desert we go..................

We came across a lot of neat stuff out there. This was one of my favorites....

Been sitting for a few years. Not probably the safest place to go, but you know Jesse and I by know. What's the worst that can happen??????????

I'm sure it's safe Jesse go ahead.........

We got the hell out before we got to spooked.

Not sure why, but Scott didn't want to follow us into the mine. Think he knows something we don't?

It was a very neat place to see. I love old mines and this one just appeared out of nowhere.

More to come............

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