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Now some god somewhere thought I was nice to a butterfly at some point in my life and decided to return the favor. As we are setting up some of the glammer shots around the corner comes a state trooper with a XR650 in the bed of his truck and stops. Prior to this I was hitting nearly 100mph on these roads. How I didn't run smack into this guy is beyond me. He stops and we talk for a bit about his bike and ours. He is heading up to help the other state trooper we passed about 40 miles back in the woods. 2 flat tires left him stranded and this guy says i'm on my way up to bring another tire for him. He then says why don't you guys go back around the corner there and I'll take some pics of you guys as you round the corner and come up the hill. Well, la de da! How frickin cool is that. HE ALSO SAID JUST DON"T EXCEED THE SPEED LIMIT OF 35MPH! We said what about your buddy and he responds with, and I quote, "ahhhh he's probably asleep anyway." So that is how we got the shot of the 3 of us coming up the hill as a group. Super guy, and a real bike rider for sure. Wish my plate was government issued. Shit I wish my bike was supplied to me by the government for that matter. The XR he had was in worse shape than Jesses' old XR. That is saying something. Just a great cop though. And the fact he hadn't caught me screaming to the inside and completely sideways on the corners with his front bumper I'll never know. I have a tendency to forget that other traffic uses the road I'm on.

what a cool guy, offering to take pics and everything.

It's fun to read your report. Funny how North to South (vs south to north) looks so different.
I don't recognize anything on this page...
except these rocks.

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OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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