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I'm not sure if Scott and Jesse are all right with me continuing on here, but what the hell I have a load more pics and am friday bored for some riding. I have the weekend off, first one since returning and have a plan for another 1500 added to the DR. Yee Ha Itchin' to go ya know.......

We continue on after the officer and ride the day away. I really like that saying... "Ride The Day Away". When life beats me up that is what I do. Leave it all behind.



Ya I have strange tastes. I was married once to a true red head too..............Go figure?

We get a little lost and stumble finally onto a campground that looks mostly abandoned. I mean the grass hasn't been cut in 20 years, trees hanging down all around the tables type of abandoned. We look for a place to pay and find a sign that says "due to the water problem there is no fee at this campground". Schweet.....

We start the duties right away so we can relax a little earlier today. Collecting wood and the like....

We were also able to find a grocery store that had some great fruit. What a treat that was. Truly needed.

We have dinner and take a few strolls around for a while to look at the countryside. And Jesse comes back with a new friend. He will spend the next 3 hours with his new friend. Doing this kinda stuff.

We all come to the agreement that he should stick to the pistol in his pocket. Now at this time you have to remember that Jesse lost his wallet on the first day, right. Well, the new friend may have a solution.........

Walking back...

Getting tired so I head back and leave Jesse with his buddy "Tim" I think. We'll call him that for now. Well, Tim explained the water situation to us and that the cops tried to kick him out of the park a while back for staying past the day limit. He wasn't about to abide by that. Not when you've got a sweet set up like this.

So I head back and get ready to set up the tent, then F it.... I call the table I say. Scott likes his tent and Jesse doesn't care where he sleeps. Hammock or ?... buddies trailer maybe

I really liked CO as a state to ride in. The scenery was fantastic and the roads well maintained.

The next morning we head out for another pass. Hope the DR keeps running. Ahhh really I didn't give it a thought.

minute 2:15 for the part I'm talking about. Or watch the whole thing.....


It was slab time and I tried to take the lead. Jesse would have none of it with his 250 and he gets as low as he can and barrels past me. Stupid fuel injection.......... Then we get here.

Our grins are very big eh? The people helping take photos for us were a group of female bicycle riders. All about 25. Jesse could hardly contain himself.

We drop out of the high stuff a bit and head for town and fuel, lunch and supplies. captain morgan is really all we needed.

This place was amazing to ride into.

We all got a little camera happy. Just a sweet little town that appeared out of nowhere.

It turned out to be a tourist trap for sure. Still it had it's moments. Particularly what the special was that day.

So we have the special and grab needed supplies and head out. Need a place to stay for the night and a fire would nice. So a real campground would be needed. Fire closures and all. Very strict out there. So we roll upon this place. Everything out here is so frickin new and cool to me.

There is a view of this from camp.

And then we notice this............

Scott and I are hungry, but no way in hell Jesse isn't checking that out.

Upon return though it wasn't all that great.

I have another pic earlier in the thread from our first nights. It shows a much smaller moon. I'll put them one on the other here.


That's how long we've been out. Memories of work have faded by now. Thoughts about what we have to do at home a distant for sure. That is what I remember about this moon this night.

For those that read this and haven't done longer than a few days. Get out and do it. The longest I've done was this one 16 days. Next year is a month. AZBDR and on to further southern states, and anything else I can incorporate. It will be a Ural trip though. So a little slower....

It was a great evening for sure.

Bed Time.

It should be noted that I broke one of the tent poles. That's why it looks like it's laying down. I will purchase a new tent later on, at a great price. The gal I called said if you guys come in on your bikes I'll give you a 25% discount. So we went there. Pretty good people out here. They like adventurous people that are willing to spend money in there little towns. The shop I didn't get a pic or the name of sorry. It was a little house with a husband and wife that ran it. A tiny adventure store. Cool.

Morning brings a new fire and warming up.

Little boy wonder is wearing down. Hee Hee Wait till yer 40 pal.
And drink all day long...........

Honestly we are all feeling it.

Departure last shots.

Onward and upward we go..................
Staring straight into the shining sun....

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