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You have a nice range of bikes there. I have owned 2 of them (Suzukis)

3 bikes will always be better focused than 2, which of course beats 1. Given the fine stable you have seems a shame to sell any of them.

I just sold my DR650 and bought the WR250R in mid June. I am 5'11, 225 lbs, and the WR250R moves along just fine. I have not yet loaded it up with camping gear, nor have I ridden at sustained highways speed, the most I have done is ~ 70 mph (indicated) for ~ 45 minutes, and it did fine for what it is (not as good as the DR or DL). Certainly it is down on power compared to the DR, but it has enough for me, and it sure is lighter. I am expecting it will be much better off-road, though I haven't done any yet, just getting protection sorted out. I have time off in Sept and I plan to play more then.

Good luck with your decision.

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So.. all the bickering aside.. I have a question. First a little background.

Right now I own a DL650, DR650, and a KTM 450 EXC.

I take the DL on long rides and use it like a pickup truck around town. Most of the time it sees street duty but I do get some of the occasional forest service and dirt road miles on it.

I take my DR on long DS rides. It is nicely setup for me. I took it this year on a 1900 mile trip on the TaT from TN to Mississippi Hill Country and back. Enjoy riding the bike - loaded and unloaded.

Picked up my KTM 450 EXC on a trade for a VFR750 that was going to land me in jail some day.... just could not keep that thing under the speed limit. Had to do a little work on the KTM and it was a bit frustrating at first, mainly because I have not owned one before, but I really like how they build the bike and how you can pretty much use one wrench to take it apart. Right now I would take my KTM out on DS rides where we are usually camping in one spot and exploring the area. I would trailer it to the spot since the maintenance intervals are short and I don't want to waste the hours on the highway getting to where we are riding. That and I don't think I can use it like a pack mule in the same manner that I use the DR on the long DS rides. Been thinking about doing an easy enduro on it but the last time I did one of those was over 30 years ago so I am still thinking about it.

Now to the question...

I have found that with three bikes I just do not get around to riding them all enough and usually one sits for long periods of time which usually means I end up performing some additional work on one or another at times. So I have been thinking about picking up the WRR and selling the DR and KTM. I do not consider myself a hard core aggressive rider but I have been known to roost a few people. I am 6' tall and weigh 250.

Do you think that the WRR will be enough bike to haul my big but down the highway like my DR650 does when I am riding to a weekend DS ride?

Personally I struggle with the whole trailer the bike thing.. I mean I bought them to ride right. Thoughts?
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