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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
+1 I think ...
If BMW didn't think that extra bleed screw was needed they would not have put it there...

I've not seen a "twin" that without ABS installed,
but on at least other BMWs the non-ABS bikes do NOT have a bleed screw on the master cylinder ...
just the one on the caliper ......... so there is something going on there ...

Try tying in the lever overnight ... you've got nothing to loose there ...???

Otherwise you might need to take the master cylinder off and get it to a machine shop?
A good shop should be able to remove the busted bleed screw.
If you decide to go that route I'd buy/take a new bleed screw with you that way the machinist will have the dimensions of the replacement part which may help him/her select the most correct EZ-out or whatever their tool of choice would be...
Guess what: I zip-tied the lever overnight as you suggested, and the brakes are back to normal. But, a big butt, they are quickly getting diluted, spongy and weak again. So air is getting in somewhere, correct? And by zip-tying it, it expunges that air. Let me know how to proceed. Cannot take it to a dealer; not for a month or so, at least. Thanks all.

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