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My bike stalled on two recent trips...symptoms are easy....riding in over 28 C for hours, gas is about 1/2 full and bike dies mid stream. Down shift bikes comes a live but then dies...can't get into high gears without stalling so i cruise at lower speeds and lower gears. bike finally gives up..pull over. Turn key off and wait. At first I did not pop the tank lid and the bike would start and go for a few hours. After awhile I did pop the lid when the stalling began..after riding for hours in extreme heat...seemed to work.

Bike into the shop...they can not find a fault code and replicate the problem...I told them they would not be able to replicate the problem unless they were riding in the same conditions with the tank not full. Said they checked all the hoses etc...everything in working order. Nothing was done. So, I will pick up my bike tomorrow and because the temps are cooling down here I am certain there will be no issues until next time we ride in crazy 90-100 degree heat.
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