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25 June 2012
Kupang, Timor

I got the swing arm from DHL today with only moderate hassle.
In the space of a few hours I had swapped it out with the old one. This involves removing the final drive, shocks, and a bunch of other stuff. But I managed it by myself in the hotel parking lot. Pretty proud of that. Now if only I could a place to celebrate with a drink.

I give props to Ural for footing the bill and express shipping the part.

Ran in to a traveler that I had already met in Bajawa on Flores. Small world. Not alot of tourists in Kupang so we stand out to each other.
Also met a couple of other nice guys and shared fresh fish dinner at the nightly street market down by the coast.
One of them was German. I'm a complete Germany fan boy and I'm sure he felt a little awkward. Sorry dude!
I'm sure it's happened to you too, when you meet that guy that just wants to gush and gush about how much he loves your country.

Also Anna will return from Thailand soon and that makes me happy.

Swing arm replaced all by myself!

Night market food stall.

Pick it.

Burn it.

Eat it.
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