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It's all about vodka over here and we're hoping not to have to work on the bikes everyday and especially, we're trying to avoid cracking the case on one of them! But, I brought my tools and I'm ready to tackle what ever comes along.

We are in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia staying with some friends. The trip has been a breeze so far compared to India. Comparatively, things are relatively clean, the people are not on you like flies on dead horses in Delhi, and the traffic is more or less orderly. I've been told that nothing will shock you after spending time in India. So far, I've found this to be true.

We are shopping for bikes to purchase as we haven't found any to rent with our budget. It sounds like *registering them *will be our biggest challenge. We have a couple of locals that are helping us which is huge since not many people speak english.*

Here's Minxter sizing up one of the bikes. It seems like we have a choice between Yingang, Dayun, and Jialing bikes which are all chinese. I can't say that I have much faith in any of these yet. However, I wonder if the Mongolian deep seated hatred for China is one reason for bad talking these bikes? Or are they just cheap Chinese junk? Or both?!!
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