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Thanks Joel for doing this testing...I even went and watched the youtube vids to get your numbers up!

Unfortunately I haven't read the entire thread and I also didn't find it until after I purchased a Shorei LFX14L2 for my G650 single. So I figure I'm going to be a real world tester. It can't be any worse than the issues I've had with the stock battery and an AGM that lasted about 16 months. I also feel that if you want the technology and products to get better you have to support them a little in the early stages.

I'll chime back in after I've used it more but I want to say now that I'm blown away with how much better the bike feels from the weight difference. I thought it would be different but I didn't know it would make that much difference in the handling. It caught me off guard and I was over steering.

Even if it only lasts as long as non lithium battery, I think I'd throw the extra money at it just for how much better the bike feels. Granted this is weight taken right off at the gas tank, highest point on the bike. I don't think you'd notice much difference if the battery was under the seat, but for any bikes with faux tanks it's a win for sure.

my $.02 back to your regularly scheduled high tech testing
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