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Originally Posted by Ibenhad View Post
Bought 2 Aprilia Scooters out of state. NY won't register them and want me to wait a year. I want to do this Vermont thing but want to be sure I do it right. Do I need a bill of sale that's notarized? On the VT DMV form who signs where it asks for the sellers signature?

I was given the cert of origin by each owner but they never registered them and messed up the back of the documents. Filling in where it was dealer transfer. UGH. I just want to get them registered before summer/fall is gone so I can do some riding.

From the instructions for the registration application: "The signature of seller is required only for dealer transactions and non-titled vehicles when there is no Bill of Sale." Assuming you bought them in a private sale and have a bill of sale, this doesn't apply to you.

If the scooters are 300cc or more AND less than 15 years old, you need a title or to be able to show a chain of ownership from the MSO (this may be a pain).

If the scooters are 500cc or more but 15+ years old, you need a VIN verification, but not a title.. unless they've been registered in Vermont before, in which case you just need a copy of the last VT registration card.

If the scooters are less than 300cc, regardless of age, you do NOT need a VIN inspection or a title--bikes this small aren't titled even when brand new.

Nothing needs to be notarized for Vermont's DMV.
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