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If an aftermarket stator is available

to us poor suckers who have purchased this engine.

and that replacement stator is in the $150-200 range

and maybe it survives a little bit better than the oem replacement, maybe 50,ooo miles

and since the oem replacement is ONLY available with the new rotor, at a cost approaching $931.75 (what i paid with the special shipping and two day delivery (to the BMWMOA rally where they should be prepared to service good customers)).

It seems to me, the most reasonable investment is a couple of years worth of new aftermarket stators. Especially considering the effort and special tools and loctite goop needed for rotor replacement. The stator only change out is a parking lot easy thing to do.

I would happily just replace a bunch of stators, for $600, rather than spend $800 once, with no assurance the new rotor is any helpful solution. No mention has been made that a new oem stator is anybetter than what just failed. There is no cooling enhancement beyond a bunch of holes that allow some amount of convection ventilation, inside the sealed cover with only a tiny oil flow.

Dont's waste any more money at BMW, just replace the failed part and move along. Unless you are under warranty.

I won't own this bike long enough to ever need another stator. I might buy another bike just like it, and then worrry about those problems as they come along. If a guy had a voltmeter that indicated normal 13.8 volt charging when running and something less when that stator fails, survival is only dependent on the location of the next battery charger or new battery (Walmart carries the correct battery on the shelf). My experience indicates many hours and hundreds of miles (the longest way possible across Oklahoma) with a failed stator and easy access to replacement batteries.

An anal service guy could easily carry a replacement stator (or have one ready to ship)when on the rtw trip. The rotor weighs a lot 7lb 6oz, the stator 2lb 10oz (though my burnt one may be missing some copper).

I don't see any benefit to "solving" this problem. It's like a bike that use oil from the gitgo, live with it, a quart or so across an oil change is no reason to rebuild the engine.

YMMV bobo
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