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Thank you for your feedback. I will be interested in seeing how the WRR performs for you as you get everything sorted out.

I have been doing a little work on the KTM which is focused on turning it into a more rider friendly (well at least for this rider) bike. I just finished installing a Seat Concepts seat kit, a Trail Tech side stand, and a Flex Jet kit. I suspect that these to things are after thoughts for the KTM Engineering team (and probably for the Husky team too) based on my experience and some of the input I have received from other owners. So yesterday I took the KTM out and based on that ride I really don't see myself selling that bike anytime soon.

So that brings me back to the DR. Originally I was thinking about getting something like a Super Sherpa 250 as my DS ride. Mainly because the girl friend has two of them and I really liked tooling around on them (the Sherpas that is.. well I like tooling around on the GF too but that is a different subject not for this forum). The problem I thought I had with the Sherpa is that the top end was a little low when I was on it. Generally if I would have to slab it I would like to be able to hit about a true 80 MPH and the Sherpa with me on it maxed out at an indicated 75. Like I said I thought this would be an issue.

After picking up a nicely set up DR (Gixxer can, FCR carb, SC seat) and then tuning the suspension and gearing (I went with a 14 tooth C/S sprocket and am thinking about a 45 tooth rear - stock is 15/42) for more off road work, I am seeing that I very seldom have to slab it when I am on the long DS rides and that sort of is the point isn't it. The big DR does fine around town and does ok on the trials but I keep thinking something lighter would be more enjoyable.

In two weeks the GF and I are heading up to Blue Ridge Motorcycle campground and then heading down to attend the Womens Sportbike Rally at Deals Gap. I will be on my DL650 and she will be on her Ninja 250. On our last ride in the Smoky Mountains I found this motorcycle rental place in Townsend, TN ( ) and just so happens they have a WRR available for rent. Last night I reserved that bike for the Womens Sportbike Rally and I figure if I can hang with the ladies in the mountains with that little machine then I will pick one up and sell the DR.

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You have a nice range of bikes there. I have owned 2 of them (Suzukis)

3 bikes will always be better focused than 2, which of course beats 1. Given the fine stable you have seems a shame to sell any of them.

I just sold my DR650 and bought the WR250R in mid June. I am 5'11, 225 lbs, and the WR250R moves along just fine. I have not yet loaded it up with camping gear, nor have I ridden at sustained highways speed, the most I have done is ~ 70 mph (indicated) for ~ 45 minutes, and it did fine for what it is (not as good as the DR or DL). Certainly it is down on power compared to the DR, but it has enough for me, and it sure is lighter. I am expecting it will be much better off-road, though I haven't done any yet, just getting protection sorted out. I have time off in Sept and I plan to play more then.

Good luck with your decision.
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