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Somewhere back in the earlier pages of this thread or the other one we talked about a heat shied for the exhaust pipe,
and also a steampunk mad-max approach of cooling the stator thru the cover

I think it was generally agreed that the heat problem was a result of resistance heating of the stator by the electricity running thru it ( I^2 * R losses ) and not a result of extra heat gain from the pipe. So I think the creative mad-max approach would work. Also a series-style regulator as several folks are succesfully using should extend life.

I think personally I'll just watch the voltage monitor I installed, and when panic hits ... figure out how to get home and buy an ElectroSport replacement stator they seem to have done their homework and have a modified design that "should be" more durable.

The stator has 3-phases, so depending on how it fails you could end up with some partial charging output from one or two phases. If you turn off all loads that you can (unscrew headlight bulb (if safe to do so), turn off ABS & any heated gear then you might be able to ride as far as needed. If you loose all 3 phases I think you'll be SOL fairly quickly unless you rig a extra car battery in your top case ... as one ADVRider did ...

Just my $0.02
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