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Thumb BMW Center Stand Install Notes

Just completed the install of the BMW Center Stand. I can't speak to ground clearance as I currently have a flat, which prompted me to finally get this installed!

The fit is very good, the finish not as much, as others have noted.

Tool used for spring pull: $6.99 harbor freight "Headlight/Brake Spring Hook"
Headlight/Brake Spring Hook
Pittsburgh - item#95757
Pasted from <>

  • A lift (shown in the install guide) was not needed to complete the install.
  • The easiest way to hook the spring is with the stand in the up position.
  • The BMW hook tool is straight, the harbor freight tool has a slight bend but worked fine.
  • Someone in this thread (Bucko) mentioned the paint wore off and I am also seeing that already. I am thinking about trying some Gaffer (Any photography store will have this, like B&H) tape (which does not leave a residue on removal) around the part that touches ground to save it from abrasion.
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