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The Tale of "Free" Handgaurds

Well, currrently on week two of the "free handguard" installation. We had a set of generic handguards, and thought the DR would need them. You might ask how does it take multiple weeks for to install 8 bolts?

So, we start with drilling the infamous end of the handle bars. What a thankless option, about the 1/2" diameter, I realize I don't have the correct final bit size. And side one is approaching 1 hour. It seems to need an odd sized bit larger than a 1/2" (and o fcourse less than 7/8"). No dice sourcing locally, a new bit is $30+ shipping.

Plan B: Score a new set of Pro-Taper handle bars with hollow ends for around $45 shipped. Well, now I also need new grips....oh, and you mind as well get some bar risers while you've got this whole enchalda disassembled.

Time marches on and the "plan b" parts arrive. On reassembly, I decide to use a screw driver tip to open the clutch perch pinch gap. Not even with any effort (and less than 1/4 of the tip in the slot), I am now holding two pieces. Yup, the craptastic cast AL broke. It was really absymal thelack effort to break it, and I have to think that it might have really broke at another unfortunate time on the trail later.

So, off for plan C parts, a new clutch perch..and not another crappy OEM cast one (now entering week 2). However, still need to work out what to do about the mirror perch, and I guess I need also remove the clutch switch.

Meanwhile, I decide to get the left side assembled...Boy this was the throttle grip something to get off! I used a 3M synthetic wheel and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the below advice..

Originally Posted by bross View Post
For some strange reason Suzuki vulcanizes the grip to the throttle tube on the DR200s and DR650s. You can cut them off with an exacto knife but much simpler to just replace the throttle tube.
Originally Posted by wavygravy87 View Post
I gots a DR650, and the throttle side grip was absolutely ridiculous. However, the EASIEST way to get it off, is........use a wire wheel (like mounted on a bench grinder) and press it firmly onto it, and presto. Turns your grip to a big pile of dust, and the throttle tube will be unscathed as long as you stay awake during your grinding and dont put a ton of pressure in one spot.
Will keep you guys updated on the final outcome.
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