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There is no need whatsoever to short out the plugs while adjusting the mixture screws. Just do one at a time while they are both idling. It is as simple as that. If the engine dies at the lean point, keep track of where it was and start the engine back up. Keep track of your turns as if the screw slot was a clock hour hand and set it half way between the stumble points while both cylinders are running. It could be 12 hours from stumble point to stumble point on one cylinder and and six hours on the other, for instance. It varies.

Personally, I wouldn't short a cylinder out for any carb adjustment. There is absolutely no need to be chasing a setting while the bike is constantly getting over a flooded and fowled cylinder. That is what is happening to the cylinder that is shorted out. It takes our engines quite some time to completely get over being on the side stand. Same story with shorting out a plug. Oil and gas build up. Go figure. Good luck!

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