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Nitrogen in tires

I was thinking that with this hot summer and all the reports about tire failures I would try replacing the air in my tires with Nitrogen gas. I know that race car drivers everywhere use it as it doesn't expand with heat, keeping the tire pressure from over heating and inflating the tires to dangerous levels (Nitrogen gas is also used in shocks for the same reasons).

So my first attempt (pulled the valve stem and tried to squeeze the air out) went fairly well but still I found that the tires would grow in pressure 3-4 pounds on hot highway speeds. So I then let them cool off and topped them off at 34 front and 40 rear (didn't start over, just added Nitrogen) and found that after 75 'spirited' miles on the twisties that the front stayed at 34 and the rear grew to 41.5 pounds. Not bad! the tires also felt (to the hand) to be cooler so I am so far pretty pleased with the swap.

The other benefit is that pressure should stay equal in elevation changes which are plentiful in the area where I do most of my riding (northern Utah).

Just thought I would share.
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