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Thanks again.. as far as I know my model has the reed valve breather, but I will check it out next time I get at it. I wonder if the tiny return hole under the breather is plugged.

I suppose that isn't a proper air-leak, but if the carbs were jetted with the resistance of the air filter upstream in mind, then wouldn't a leak between the air filter and carb cause the mixture to be leaner? Maybe not by much..

There's still a bit of room around the hill to get a reading from the feeler gauge, but I think if my double image goes away with these new points I'll get a points booster. If not, I'll get an electronic ignition. I think both the condensers I've been swapping are bad, this pitting occurred in less than 2000 miles. I've heard I should be getting many more miles before they go bad.

A previous owner rebuilt the carbs, but that couldn't have been later than 2003. I will be getting the rebuild kits, never a bad idea. Wish they weren't so pricey though.. I think I see some leakage from around the enricheners, at least that's where dust is collecting.

Perhaps the difference in plug readings and that funny black/white pattern on the R plug is from uneven timing between the cylinders? Like I said, it's totally possible they're running 10-15 degrees apart, at least some of the time, based on my timing light readings.

Anyone else have insights about this plug?

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