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Originally Posted by scout18 View Post
I took the front cover off and I find one set of points and I see nothing that could be interpreted as a booster for the dyna coils. The right dyna coil has the spark plug wire for the top left plug coming from it and the bottom sparkplug for the right side. The left of course has the right top plug coming from it and the left bottom plug wire. Does that sound right? I'm going to look up a wiring diagram for Dyna coils.
That is how the plug wires should be, That way if a coil fails, you don't lose a cylinder. There's another reason, but I can't remember it right at the moment.
Look carefully after taking off the tank for the booster. If you don't have a Booster, get one, they're cheap. I mount mine right in front of the toolbox on the bottom of the backbone.
I've seen them mounted all over the place. It creates heat, so it needs to be in windpath of sorts.
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