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Originally Posted by HoosierTrailmaster View Post
Big-E asked for it...he gets it. Ride the Rug V.3. This is a tough sombich with steep descents and climbs. Rocky with steps and baby heads. Ask me why? Because it is beautiful and tests your mettle. This is an out and back with no gas or water. Probably no more than 60 miles but it usually is an all day affair. If you get to the other side (Klondyke) and you feel you won't make the ride back you can ride to Wilcox or Globe and make it a 180 mile round trip. Be prepared with water, tools, lunch and a well maintained bike.

I will post deeper details shortly, just wanted to get it on people's calendars. The ride starts and finishes in Mammoth, AZ which is off State Route 77.

Note: I have heard people say they did this on a KLR 650 and would be pleased to buy dinner for ANYONE who completes this on such a bike.
Hey, HEY, All I sid, " Take HIM on the Rug" Rut-Ro.. My palms are all ready sweating!! I hate this ride! (in a good way)

Yea, I am glutten for punishment, I am IN!!

I got sometin' for you this time Mr. Rug Road!! A new Husaberg!!

Heed HTM's warning people, this IS tough ride. For me anyway. Last time, there was NO way I could go back over the mountain!

See you all soon!!

Thanks for hosting this again Hoos-your-Daddy!!
"If my Technique Improves, so will my riding"!
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