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Whelp... figured this would be a decent way to introduce myself.

Been riding airheads since I was a kid with my dad. Did lots of 2-up trips on his '71 R60/5, then even more on his '95 R100R Classic. When i turned 16, i got to ride the /5 behind him, and we put even more miles on.

here's a terrible (though the only one i have) pic of the /5. The bags are "enduro" bags that were molded specifically for the /5 (originally bought by a friend for his /2, but alas, they didn't fit).

After school, i moved back to the east coast (went to school in Colorado), and decided I needed a bike of my own. So i bought an airhead, of sorts:

2002 Ducati Monster 620 dark. "The Ugly Duc" Its fun, but not exactly a high mileage machine... i've done 400+ mile days, and you know it the next day.

So this summer, i decided to add to my fleet, and found a KTM 250 XC-F. And promptly caught the dirt itch. Raced a few WNYOA hare scrambles (got properly wrecked in the first one). After a few more long weekends on on the Duc, a new bike was decidedly in my future.

enough with the background, now on topic:

The R100GS PD.
Found this on Craigslist

83k, well maintained, circlipped. Called the current owner, turns out he's the father of a guy that used to work with me. Small world right...

So the bike's in Denver, CO, and i'm outside of Watkins Glen, NY. The only thing that seems reasonable here is fly out, and ride it home. Of course, if you've ever driven through the plains states, you know how horribly flat and straight everything is (sorry plains people, it really is boring).

To make the trip a bit more interesting, it only seemed right to make New Orleans be a destination on the way home, thus making an even better excuse to check off some states i've not been to yet. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee will make 47 states for me (with solid plans to make AK number 50 next summer, another reason for the GS)

I fly to Denver tomorrow! Of course with this threatening, route changes may need to be made, but only time and weather will tell for those.

I'll be updating when i can, otherwise, i'll be back on Tuesday after Labor day!
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