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My experience with nitrogen is with commercial truck tires. From what I have been told is that nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules. So over time the nitrogen filed tires will lose less air pressure from leaking through the rubber layers . Nitrogen keeps the air pressure more stable day to day. Example I was using nitrogen in the steer tires of my truck 18 wheeler axle loaded at 1200lbs tire pressure at 120 psi cold. After 600 hundred miles pressure would be around 140psi. The next morning around 118. so it would lose a couple lbs per day. With straight O2 tires would lose 5 psi per day. My opinion is nitrogen is a little more stable than straight air in tires. In motorcycle tires I can't see it making a big enough difference to worry about. Truck tires usually come apart because they don't have enough air pressure. Could be they have a slow leak. When truck tires run low they over heat and explode. If your worried about tire failer stop and check your tire pressure if it's higher than you like take a break and let your tire cool down. Just my 2 cents
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