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We talk road food. A good portion of this ride will be in Iron-butt mode, meaning I will not want to stop long for just eating. So packing road-food is a must and this is the way I like to ride most of the time anyway. When I’m on a ride, all I want to do is ride, not hang around a gas station or a Burger King. A country field with a shade tree beats those any day. My goal always is to have food ready for the morning. If I put food and liquid in my gut right away in the morning, I am ready to ride. The thought of having to locate and sit in a restaurant first thing in the morning just kills me, I Want to Ride, and I want to be Ready to Ride….

Peanuts combined with tropical trail-mix packed in two large baggies, freeze-dried peaches in another baggie, ten mega proteins bars in another large baggie. The protein bars came with free samples of some Met-Rx Max-Pump pills and some powder drink mix stuff called “One More Rep” Wahoo, that sounds like Iron-butt food to me. Oh, and some fine ground Columbian coffee for the little espresso pot that I’m waiting to arrive in the mail.

Road food is all about finding places along the road to stop and chill and eat and hydrate, I look for creeks, a good view or just a farm field with some type of shade. That is what road food is for to me. It’s an art finding a good spot to pull over to experience the land while you rest up. I don’t want to just ride through an area, I want to feel the culture of it. Heidi is into this also, we have hung out and ate at some of the most beautiful places on earth this way. Sometimes we plan it ahead of time by buying road food at a gas stop or store and then head off looking for ‘the spot’ to pull off and chill. I ride no other way now, and I’m sure everyone likes this type of riding,…right?

Ok! Sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, emergency tarp, pac-safe, tools, personal headlight, maps, stove, camp espresso cup, survival kit, stove fuel, camera pouch, hiking hat, extra sponge rubber pads, rain gear, goose down vest, etc, etc… CHECK.
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