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Its 5:50 in the morning as the motorcycle vibrates and shakes its way past a Harley Davidson motorcycle shop. I just blew out my rear wheel bearing and have developed a severe rear wheel wobble, and I’m only 50 miles into the ride. I say to myself ’No Way I am going to put my tail between my legs and park in front of the Harley shop waiting for it to open!’ ‘This could take all day!’ ‘they may not even be able to fit me in’ ‘The ride could be jeopardized!’

I have a good wheel with good bearings back at home, I just need to take a tire off and put on a new tire on, then swap wheels. Can Do, No Problem,… right?

I am not making any of this up. Heidi has the day off today and has an appointment in Rice Lake, the area where I broke down. A few hours later she picks me up, we stop at the Harley Davidson shop for a new tire. I drop Heidi off at the mall, drive back home with the new tire, remove the old tire from the wheel with good bearings, put the new tire on, then ride back to Rice Lake with the motorcycle jack, OFY!

The bearings race got hardened from the heat of the blowout, so the drive shaft will not pull out of the wheel, S! I have the right tools to pound the shaft out but it would go no further. Heidi grabs the axel with the vice grips pulling and twisting the shaft while I pounded. It slowly came out, yes. Heidi holds up the pulled axel in a victory pump. What a babe!

This breakdown cost me just over five hours and I cannot believe it. When it first happened, I thought the ride was over. I was instantly thinking about needing to stop my vacation hours. … It has to be said; a victory like this IS one of the greatest ways to start any adventure. And everyone can see this, right.

Hold on! Much more coming
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