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Morning came and we left Florence. Next stop: Cannon Beach & Seaside. First we needed gas then breakfast. the rest would play itself out along the way. I had looked into stopping at a place called cape perpetua but when we got there it looked like it would take a bit of a hike down to the water so we decided against it since we didn't really want to leave all our stuff on the bikes and wanted to carry it with us even less. Breakfast was just up the road at a place called the "green-salmon". Yelp showed really good reviews so we figured we'd check it out. I drove past it a few times (my assistant Garmina was having some mental lapses). We found it, or I should say Stephanie spotted it (trust me when i say this would be her lone shining moment as far as navigating goes). This wasn't before she rode right thru a sprinkler at the spot where we turned around. Fun to watch!!
The place, when we found it, was pretty packed...... always a good sign. It was with good reason. The food was good and this time I actually remembered to take a picture of the food.

While we were eating we struck up a conversation with a lady that had left her kids with her parents to go on a getaway by herself (and seemed pretty happy with the arrangement btw). She had just come from caper perpetua and said it was beautiful. Maybe next time.
Getting ready to get on the bikes an older couple that was walking out came by to say hello. The gentleman jokingly said thanks for bringing the bike to them so clean and asked me if we had ridden 5, maybe 10 miles?? I laughed and told him where we had started and that I had a chance to clean the bike the day before ;). Again, these people only add to the list of NICE people that we've met. It turns out they are from Seattle (where we'd be in a few days) and were travelling south. After talking a little bit they even offered their home to us the next time we we're in Seattle. We exchanged information and bid them farewell. It's so great to meet all these nice people along the way. Not to sound too cliché-ish, but it really gives you hope for humanity and shows you that the world is not just full of assholes.

The weather continued to be pretty much perfect and hovered right around 60 degrees, which was nice because traffic slowed down a bit throu thee carnival-like towns, like Lincoln City. We made our way through the slight traffic and stopped at a place called beach town coffee. It's right off 101 and had parking right next to the table we'd sit at.

As I'm sitting there I see an older couple pulling into the spot in front of me. I figured it was in my best Intest and in e best interest of my SF to help them out. The last thing I needed was to have the trip cut short by a elderly couple that wanted a Ducati Trunk ornament. (lot of old people around now that I mention it). As I'm guiding them back back, a lady pulls up and yells: "excuse me!!! Is this direction south??". Literally, as I'm inching these people back. I looked around thinking she couldn't possibly be talking to me. She was. I asked her to wait a second then went over to her car. She was heading south, but said she was heading south. I don't remember where it was now, but I told her she was in fact heading south. When I checked later though, south wasn't where she wanted to go. Where she needed to go was north. Hopefully she figured it out sooner rather than later. (cont.)
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