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Originally Posted by samohT View Post
Myself wanting a street fighter bike but also want to travel, this report along with Antihero is just a breath of fresh air... Love the pictures and I hope you don't mind that some of them goes to my wallpaper selection.

My GF likes to ride as well, but she is to scared to get her own bike, how can I persuade her?

Stay safe and keep it going...

(not the normal tent budget you guys are on, huh?
Yeah, nothing against roughing it, just a bit harder to do on these bikes. I guess you can just say its a more traditional vacation, on two wheels (or two sets of two).

Don't mind you using the pics at all for personal use. If there are any in particular that you want a high resolution version of just PM me with your email and I'll send it over.

For your GF I'd recommend having her do a rider safety course, if she hasn't already. There she doesn't have to worry about hurting the bike. If she has already taken it then just keep letting her practice and get used to riding on her own. Makes a big difference if it's a bike she can handle easily as well. Stephanie has no problems with the Ducati Monster. Super easy bike to ride and very comfortable for her (she's about 5'5").
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