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Originally Posted by jon_l View Post
Super Sherpa is a good bike; my wife has had one for a couple years now, coming off a Ninja 250, Ninja 500, and Bandit 600. Doesn't miss the power, loves the light weight and simplicity. Helps that she weighs 115 lbs. For me at 225 lbs the brakes and engine are lacking.

DR - I agree, does everything. If I could have only 1 bike, it would be on the short-list.

Renting the WRR is perfect for you; after a day in the mountains you'll know.

One idea you haven't mentioned to replace the KTM 450 and DR650 is another KTM. Have you thought about an EXC 350 or 500?
I have given that some thought and depending what I think about the WRR I may be back considering that again.

My issue with the EXC 350 or 500 is that I do enjoy heading out on these long DS rides that cover a week or so. My concern with the KTM's is that I think I would be stopping to change the oil a couple of times on the trip and I am not sure how much I can load them up... although I am learning that less is more on these trips. This is where the DR shines. I can load it up like a pack mule and I am good for 4000 miles before I have to perform some maintenance. Based on what I have read the WRR falls into this same category too.

I have a Giant Loop bag that I use on my DR and from what I see on this board it seems that bag would work equally as well on the EXC 350 or 500. I suspect it would work well on the WRR too.

Should know more in a couple of weeks.
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