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Originally Posted by rsteiger View Post
I have given that some thought and depending what I think about the WRR I may be back considering that again.

My issue with the EXC 350 or 500 is that I do enjoy heading out on these long DS rides that cover a week or so. My concern with the KTM's is that I think I would be stopping to change the oil a couple of times on the trip and I am not sure how much I can load them up... although I am learning that less is more on these trips. This is where the DR shines. I can load it up like a pack mule and I am good for 4000 miles before I have to perform some maintenance. Based on what I have read the WRR falls into this same category too.

I have a Giant Loop bag that I use on my DR and from what I see on this board it seems that bag would work equally as well on the EXC 350 or 500. I suspect it would work well on the WRR too.

Should know more in a couple of weeks.
You don't have to change the oil on an EXC for a week trip. Just pack an extra air filter and make sure it's seated well.
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