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Back to work.....

We head out from camp and spend some time in the best riding in the forest I've done. The roads are fantastic. It rained some and was keeping the dust down and allowing for group riding. It looked like this.....


Kinda long vids, but it was epic riding for sure.

We head up and up. This will be our highest camp spot. 12200ft. It was perfect up there and gorgeous. My new tent is super nice and makes for a great addition to my bundle of tools for riding. Love it. We found a campground that was packed to the gills. So we headed out of the campground and saw a couple hiking down a little road. Well, lets go up that and see what's up there. We found this.......

It was a nice camp spot.

We even had a view of the lake. Where the campground was filled with people.

I thought about changing my tire, as it was nice and cool out. Changed my mind though!

It was a beautiful place to stay.

Night falls.............
Staring straight into the shining sun....

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