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Originally Posted by LC Garage View Post
Brett, can you please give a review of the EVS Shoulder Brace? You haven't said anything about the shoulder, assuming it is healing up ok?
Sorry I thought that I put one up for you It is OK, it helps some keeping your shoulder from moving around to much. Not very easy to get on right, it will take you a time or two to get it right. The big problem that I had was that it was so hot!! It is like a wetsuit and not very good when it is so hot out. The strap is about 5 inches wide that is around your chest and if you have it tight it can be constrictive on a long ride. I used it for the first day but quit using it after that.

The shoulder is getting better but I have been going to therapy 3 times a week and that has helped a bunch. I am only using 5 lbs. on the bench, it is somewhat humiliating but that is all I can do right now. How is your shoulder doing?
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