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So I bought a 2009 BMW G650X last year from another inmate who had pre-farkled it a little bit, including HDB handguards. It's a yellow bike with a lot of black on it, but it came with the white shields on it. There were black ones in the box of stuff and I kept meaning to swap them, but never got around to it until recently. Then I noticed that for some reason the right black shield had been trimmed across the top, removing a good bit of it. I have no idea why.

Not being a fan of the trimmed one, I decided to order a new set of black shields. $25 shipped seemed reasonable enough and I placed the order and paid via paypal. A few minutes after I placed the order, I got a shipping email followed immediately by a paypal refund email. It was a refund for the ENTIRE PURCHASE PRICE INCLUDING SHIPPING with a note that just said "These are on me this time" or something similar.

WOW. I was blown away. A few days later, a USPS mailer showed up with the guards. I glanced in the package and then threw them aside for the next trip to the shop. A few days later I remembered to take them to the shop and figured I'd do the swap right fast. Nope, not going to happen "right fast" because upon further inspection, these INCLUDED THE LED TURN SIGNALS! I went to the computer to see how much THOSE should have cost, only to find no price listed and availability was "email us." Interesting. But I like extra farkles, so I was happy to have them.

I had a Wunderlich windscreen I needed to install, too, so it worked out that I had everything apart and the turn signal wires exposed for that anyway so I installed them then. The only things I'd change would be to have about 12" more wire to work with (had to extend it myself, but I'm not complaining! Small price to "pay") and the holes wouldn't *quite* line up on the new shields until I drilled the outer one a bit bigger. But again, tiny little things in the grand scheme (I wouldn't even be complaining about those two things had I paid for them). Just things worth mentioning for folks that might be in the same situation later.

All in all, I do really love the product and this level of service is just incredible. Thank you so much, Paul.

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