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Originally Posted by Kenno View Post
Steve is right about Honda specific, the left side main non-genuine bearing to the same dimensions as the 6308 Honda bearing may have a smaller diameter relief radius and will not seat right up against the crank cheek which would make it tight when the cases are assembled.
I ordered it and when it turned up the bearing guy highlighted it so I checked the crank radius and he was right but there may be different dimensions on other brands.
I ordered the Honda bearing which only cost $20 more and got here quicker, it was for my XR600 but I imagine the crank specs match for bearings.
I had to get genuine balancer bearings as well because they could not match them in the time frame I had to get to the ADV OCR rally but 2012 XRL bearings might be the same part.

Yeah, I think I'll be ordering genuine main and balance-shaft bearings. The balance shaft bearings are a different size to the ones Steve linked to though so there are differences between the XL's and XR's inside the 'cases. I'll order by part number anyway.


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