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Catching Up.

Have now been basking in the great hospitality of my Brother Mike company in Paris Ontario for the past week. Having a garage to tend to the MGs needs has been a Godsend. And the woes and misgivings I have had are truly at an end. As I was made aware of when I bought the bike, and accepted by the way, service for these babies, at least in the northland and central plains of the US can vary between little to none.
Consulting the Google God when the rear tire was well on its way out brought me to a dealer in Manitowoc, a Harley dealer, only to be told they were no longer an MG dealer. They did the tire for me however and, as I headed for Ontario I zeroed in on the only Southern Ontario dealer, Two Wheels of Guelph. Being a mile or two out of town and with nothing around to keep me entertained for the day I came up with a strategy that would work for both of us. I would purchase the fluids and filters and to the valves and fluids myself and drop the bike back in for an hour for a sync and TPS adjustment. Unfortunately even they did not have enough of the indicated 60 weight oil so I took 1 ltrs. Of 60 and 2 of 40. I am sure Ill be fine in this cooler climate till my next service.
Doing the valves had me kicking myself as I found them gapless (for how many miles now?) and the probable cause of most of the bikes problems. With that and the sync the bike was born again! Hallelujah, Brother. I am somewhat lucky I opted for the mirror/signal replacement kit to be delivered to Bros as I lost the right lens back in the States and the whole left mirror fell apart on my way to the throttle sync.

Never could see out of those mirrors anyways and the replacements are rock solid.

All in all, Big Girl is a much happier gal now and so am I.
And before I move on mid week I have three things to complete. One is get the Garmin replacement from GPS City. Casing on mine cracked so they are sending me a new one. Two, run up to Kitchener and pick up my updated passport and, three go see my parents resting place and pay my respects. And that reminds me of a bit of sadness involved with this trip. Having not seen any of my childhood friends in at least twenty years I decided to Google some names and see who I could find. One of my best friends whom I had lost touch with, Robb popped right up as an obituary. I was shocked and saddened to learn that he had passed almost a year ago from cancer. It seems a lot of my friends were raised on cigarettes and more than a few never kicked it. Damn it, Robb. You could have lived a good twenty years longer. He was a good friend and I will miss him.
So, around Wednesday I will head back up to my Bros cottage, sit out the Labour Day weekend and then carry on to the North East.
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