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So, I as you may have noticed I stopped posting for a while. The truth of it is that LG and I have run over 5000 km on the rig. He has named it the motor muck, loves the thing. Every time I come home from work he is usually sitting there on my "Helmo" with his Helmo on his lap. He prefers gravel roads, hums into the scala over washboard, we had a 70 km conversation about the difference between a fan and a windmill near Dundalk Ontario stopped at a Tim's he felt the gust of wind and finished the lesson with big fan make big wind daddy. He really hates it when bugs hit his windshield, must be cleaned instantly. Baby wipes clean bugs off pretty well. You must establish a we have to stop and change a diaper signal with your friends before you leave. It's totally reasonable to stop for a nap under a tree. It's ok to scream "I'm the king of the castle" on every hill for four straight hours. You can eat Mac n cheese at a rest stop without lots of people judging you to much .

I've learned allot of cool things from LG, I'm going to compile a list one day. But I can say one thing, his first 5000 km have been the best 5000 km I've ever ridden.
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