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So I picked up a WR250R myself this week and I'm enjoying it. For reference I'm coming off an 09 Husky TE610 so its quite the change for me. (For history, my DS bikes are in order were (KLX650R, DRZ400E, KLX650R, KTM 520EXC, Husky TE610, DR650, WR250R). I actually also have a pretty stock '98 DR650 (w/2800 orig miles) in the garage I picked up a couple weeks back just for the interim as I thought it was going to take me longer to find a WRR, but it turned out I found it rather quickly. I'm actually kind of liking the DR too even though its a pretty simple bike, especially in stock form. Haven't decided if I'm just going to hang onto it or what, but I think I am for awhile.

I actually am friends with Rsteiger and he rode with us our TAT trip this past May where we covered 2k miles. I rode the Husky on that trip and absolutely loved the TE610 and I had lusted after one for a long time, but I felt I was putting a lot of miles on it very quickly. I hated to sell it, but part of me was also wanting to try a WRR after reading so much great stuff about them. My wife also rides a Yamaha XT225, so when it was just her and I, the Husky was pretty much overkill and usually left me way up in the front leaving her behind. Her and I did some riding tonight on the WRR & the XT and it works out perfect. I'm much happier taking it easier in the dirt and on the street it works great. I'm actually thinking Rob will enjoy the WRR too since his gf rides the Sherpa and it seems to fit in well when we ride like that.

I've had my wife jump on the WRR a couple times already, but its way tall too for her as its setup. She's 5'4"/115lbs so she's basically doing the Captain Morgan stance on it. Its kind of disappointing to me, but she says she still prefers her XT and the WRR just feels too big. I have to wonder though how much of that she's interpreting just as the height which can be fixed. So I'm actually watching this thread as I think the Honda might be a better step up for her since it sits lower stock and something she might like better than the WRR. At the moment, she seems pretty happy with the XT and she can ride the legs off that thing.

Anyway, big thanks to the OP for starting this thread and doing the comparison.
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