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End of the two day trip....

Following the map going from point B to point.

After leaving Maple Springs gate is another 45-50 minutes of slab on various freeways back to good old L.A. via the concrete jungles.

This two day trip included 175 miles during day one and 135 during day two. Fuel stops were done at the beginning of the trip, and off of Jamboree just prior to connecting with Santiago Canyon road leading into and out of Maple Springs. This reduces the distances without fuel to about 100 miles in the far reaches of Mt. Santa Margarita.

My overall impressions of the bike's set up:

The RTT steering stabilizer with remote is very easy to switch between no, medium and high settings. This stabilizer really only kicked in twice, which were helpful moments but overall not a necessity on this terrain. However, had I rode the last stretch of Lookout Point trail, the RTT would have had a full work out. Perhaps next time when I don't have an expensive camera package on me...

The advtank worked great with only minor spillage from the overflow tube. This added feature is a must have that really adds a nice increase in range and peace of mind.

I really liked the TKC's in this mixed bag of terrain and really accentuates the versatility of this tread design.

The 17/44 sprocket combo was a big improvement from stock. The gearing was more then adequate for this journey, however anything with a steeper grade would certainly warrant a wider spread of gearing. But this combo really showed it's benefits on the asphalt, racking in a solid 34 mpg's ( good for a carb'd 950 anyway).

The PC Skins pre-filter skin was restrictive on the full range of the bike. It was certainly great for keeping dust completely out of the carbs, the filter box and the stock paper filter... but the bike was certainly starving. I could see using this combination on any serious dustbowl cannonball runs. But the Uni pre-filter itself is easy maintenance and even that is a bit of a choke on the 950. Another potential filter combo I'll be experimenting with is the PC skin over the Uni with the DNA as the main filter. We'll see.

Hope you enjoyed this possible fly and ride enough to consider giving it a try. I wish I could say there's no other place like it... except there is in Southern Italy... at quadruple the price.

Follow along as I add more winery options to the accommodations list.

Next up, Ponte winery resort in the Temecula wine valley, which can be described as a top resort in the design of old world mission California.
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