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New fork springs - what should i get ?


got a friend going over to the US and he's kind enough to bring back some stuff with him so... i'll be asking him to get me some stiffer springs.


Bike model:2007 Standard ADV (w ABS), standard .48 springs installed.

Rider weight: 250 now but on a diet, aiming for ...let's say 230 (with gear, no luggage).

Intended Usage: fast street and "fire" roads (these pretty much mean the same thing in Romania, you never know where you're gonna find a pothole), veeery little (and slow) offroad.

I'm hoping to get away with .54 springs since anything thicker/heavier is going to required modifying the forks somehow and there's nobody around I'd trust to get that going (shipping the forks off to SPS isn't much of an option, i'm pretty much half way around the world). If there's a guide somewhere and a "kit" for installing heavier springs, i'd love to hear about it.

Your thoughts? Should i get stiffer springs than .54 ? All input is welcomed.

Thank you !!!
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