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YAY! Back on the road again..... guess I'm a restless soul.
Spend 6 days at Robert's house watching the cat and painting. I loved it, his house is very comfortable, and he made me feel welcome.

Wow, he even posed!

Starting to pack up the bike before he even got home showed I was anxious to get going again.
I love sleeping in my tent, and being in the forest or just outside.
I had a great lucid dream the night before he came home, about my grandmother who passed away. Seeing her in my dream made me realize I was dreaming and I became lucid. It was wonderful being with her again, and asked her questions about how she was, and what it was like bing dead. She gave me some funny answers. One of them was that she was learning how to ride a horse. LOL.
Still it felt real being with her and I gave her a hug goodbye as I felt that I couldn't hold on to my lucidity.
I left Sunday August 26th, and right before I did so, Robert gave me his Down sleeping bag, and I left my colossal bag with him. Wow, Spirit looks better without it on her! Haha.
Now a smaller sleeping pad, and I can get one of those cases on the back and stash everything in it.
I am a tad worried about the wind on Mackinaw Bridge, so not having that huge thing sticking out is a relief!

I think this is a Norwegian little town.

I rode Eastward and watched as the landscape changed from corn to forest.

Yep another red barn

My first glimpse of the Mississippi!

Found a campsite, Pike's peak National Park, overlooking the Mississippi, and pitched my tent.

It was still light so I decided to walk to the bluff and take some pictures.

Wow! A parking spot just for bikes, cool!

The view was amazing!!

The thing about riding everywhere is that you start to feel like your legs are atrophying so I decided to go for a little hike.

It looked like fun heading down there!

Hmmm, not so much fun heading back up (only 200 steps though)

I can imagine how amazing this fall must look in the spring. Iowa has had a long dry spell!

Left the next morning (sleepily, some drag racing going on outside the campground in the middle of the night!) after having talked for a while with one of the campers who turned out to be a hypnotist. He was on the road as well, from one gig to another, helping people to get over fears and other things. He said the problem was that people just wanted to get fixed, but never really wanted to delve into their own psyche to find out what the trouble really was. I guess that will only happen when you are finally ready to take a deeper look at yourself and deal with what you find.

On my way North I dropped by Effigy Mounds National Monument.
There are tons of mounds there that are still being researched. Basically they are burial grounds of animals and humans, and no one knows exactly who made these.

Rode through a pretty little town called McGregor

Decided to go into Wisconsin so I could ride close to the river.

Yep, here too, red barns!

Had to turn around and take a pic of this street. Saw it as I rode by.

After looking for a reasonably priced campground I decided to go over the bridge into Minnesota, seeing as I though $27 was a tad much for camping out.

Found a cool site for $11 at Kruger camp, south of Wabasha. Spirit and my tent, Home sweet home!

Now, don't get me wrong, meeting folks is great, but here at the camp, while riding into it, I met this guy on a Yamaha called Elmer. He invited me to his place, but I kindly told him no thanks, I love camping. I didn't know what to think of him.... He kept spitting , yuck!
I said bye and started looking for a good camping spot, when he showed up again and said he'd show me the perfect place. I tried to have an open mind and heart and said ok. He drove to the other side of the campground and indeed showed me a nice little spot with grass and a bit of a view. Then he lingered for a long while while I pitched up my tent. Then the campsite host joined him, and together they watched me pitch up my tent and get my stuff off the bike. It feels rather odd being observed doing my thing! Elmer just couldn't believe Spirit was capable of riding that long of a distance and with all that gear on it. I think Spirit would have spit at him of she could have!
Finally after having talked a bit more, he was a farmer who grew corn, and also a power plant worker at the local prison, Elmer said bye. He still must not have believed me when I said I loved camping, LOL. He was an ok guy, and meant well, but I still didn't feel very comfortable around him.

Spend a great night in my new sleeping bag, it was wonderfully quiet! BRoke camp and headed North along the river toward Stillwater.

Lake Pepin

Rode through Lake city, a very picturesque little town.

Right now I'm in Red Wing, having some salad and fries at you know where!
Time to post this and hit the road again. Not going too far today, I thin I want to paint some more.
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