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I'm not really sure what I had imagined NorCal would be like, but Garberville wasn't it. Beyond the SF area towns had been fairly small, few and far between - even along Route 1. There was plenty of traffic traveling the Redwood Highway, but exploring the towns and secondary roads revealed a different part of the state reminding me more of Northern New England than I imagined California would be. We started to see less money in the towns, a few shady characters here and there, people staring as we rode by. Everything you expect in a small woods town.

We gassed up in Redway which, as always, took longer than I'd like. I took advantage of the time to watch the local color come and go, wondering aloud who was already stoned for the day based on how long it took them to remember they were there to get gas.

The sun now bright in the sky and warming us up from the chilly night, we took the only road West out of town.

Practically alone on the road, we climbed and turned our way up. Where the road was steep we switchbacked through pines dense enough to turn day into dusk, emerging again into the brilliant cloudless sky.

The further we went, the better things got. As the scenery got better, the roads got worse - but who cares, we've got the bikes for it.

Occasionally we would pass a driveway, usually gated. It seems most people out here lived off the grid - relying on solar, wind, rainwater collection, and generators. The smell of growing cannibus was sporadic, but ever present.

At one point I had to stop just to take it all in. This is seriously beautiful country.

We passed through the small town of Honeydew, but I blinked and missed it.

Lots of pictures. It was beautiful.

After an amazing ride, we arrived in the village of Petrolia.

A real live phone booth!

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