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Flying west into South Dakota is enjoyable as always with the speed limit rising from 55 to 65 MPH on the state and county roads. All is good until I hit a couple towns without gas. I know I am not going to make it to the Missouri River without running out of fuel, so south to I90 where there Will be fuel. I coast along at 50 MPH for what seemed like forever paying attention not to use any unnecessary throttle or fuel.

I pass a motorcycle couple on the side of the road. I gave the Ďwhatís upí sigh with palms facing up. The woman returns the gesture so I know they are in trouble and probably are out of gas, like I am about to become. I cannot help them and I donít want to use any unnecessary gas stopping. But I will return with some gas, Iím only ten miles or so before, that is, if I donít run out first.

As I coast into a little freeway city on fumes. My tank is a 4.3 gallon thing I bought on Ebay, I put 4.64 gallons in the tank, a record. I empty a water jug to use for gas to bring back to the couple. Thatís the yellow stuff the jug in the photo.

About half way back I see the couple riding at me, they must have had someone else bringing them gas. All is good, I will use this gas eventually, plus I want to go back to the Missouri river. I94 is packed with RVs, SUVs pulling trailers and motorcycles. I see almost no traffic on the roads I have been taking, just the way I like it.

The gravel back roads in SD are great for riding and sightseeing.

Old abandoned farmhouses are fun to photograph. I always think that looking at the image will eventually tell an interesting story.

What is the deal with the school buses?

While taking photos a local stops to chit-chat. He is a young guy, maybe late twentys and says he has lived here is whole life and how he enjoys it. I rave about the scenery and beauty of the land here. He is a pleasure to talk with.

Hang-on, more comingÖ
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