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Puke Resurrection

Gas tank drain..derust. Clean. Rinse. Treat with naval jelly. Rinse.

Clean peacocks..replace seals and and o rings. Check
Replace fuel lines.
Replace plug wires.
Rest timing
Clean recap plugs...put a nice shot of penetrating oil in cylinders. Let air out then a shot of 30 wt
Drain oil which is 12 years is crud.
Refill with new oil.
Fee stuck clutch.
Install new battery.

Clean water contacts you can get to.

Replace tires..after 12 years they are junk...period tires have a lot of oil and other softeners I. Them that leave the system over time. Also with high ambient temperatures the elastomeric cross linking continues to take place. These two factors will remove grip to the point of a hock puck.

Replace the tubes too.
Grease the steering head and wheel bearings. Prop shaft and change rear gear ol. Lube all control Cale's. Change brake fluid and lube rear drum pivots in the hub.. Replace the rubber grommets in the shocks. Fork oils should be replaced.

All fluids have a probe. The diurnal temperature differential pumps cool air in at nigh ..with moisture and hot air out during the day..any moisture will eventually hit the dew temp and settle not the guild and contaminate it...lighter fractions of the lube will evaporate. Leaving watery yucky stuff that is lousy for ube and
Okay to drink.

All lubricants age and collect dust.

Whine this is done. Put in good gas with preservative and all that crack with fuel off.and battery on a trickle charger.
Listen for starter speed. It should not start as the plus are not are luring the bottom end with no load. So this in 30 sec pulses for five min over one hour... The add plugs ..attaché leads turn on gas. Remove air filter. Use a squirt of starter fluid and start. Have a wet rag ready I case of fire. It sould start and run for a few seconds racing then runn regularly..there will be smoke.

Oh clean out the exhaust before you start the bike. Critters live in those.

Kaynthat was some money. But grease drips out ages and stops lubrcitabg
Mike Da Bike
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