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Day 5 started with free breakfast at the hotel. It always amazes me at what a kick Stephanie gets out of a free breakfast (literally a deal breaker for her in a hotel sometimes). We were all packed and ready to go so after the free eats we loaded the bikes and were on our way. We were planning to take the Bremerton ferry across to Seattle, but decided against it since we wouldn't make the one that left around 1:30 (can't remember the exact time now). The next one would be a few hours later so we decided to drive into the city instead. This would turn out to be a mistake.
Just before crossing the Washington/Oregon border we went over the Astoria-Megler bridge.

At 4.1 miles long, it reminded me a of the 7-mile bridge down in Key West. There were a shit-ton of fisherman out on the water. Have to find out what it is they're fishing for. Some of them were near the piling along the edge of the bay. Oysters?? Clams maybe?? Speaking of which....saw this when we stopped for a short break:

one thing we both definitely noticed as soon as we drove into Washington was that the drivers instantly become assholes. One lady, as soon as Stephanie was passing her (she was going slow in e left lane), decided that THEN was a good time to speed up. She literally took it p to 95 mph to not let her in (good luck with that lady). I got next to her and shook my head left and right as if saying, wtf??? Another kid in a Hyundai elantra tried the same thing not 15 minutes later. What's with these people???
We got gas in Aberdeen and decided to find a place to eat nearby. Stephanie found a place on Yelp that looked good so I gave the address to Garmina and asked her to guide us there. What a nightmare. Not Garmina's fault this time. Unfortunately Stephanie picked the wrong place. After 20 minutes or so of driving around looking for the place in an area that was mainly residential with the exception of a school and a hospital, a guy in a ford expedition stopped to ask us if we needed help. We told him the place we were looki for and he said he didn't know it. He recommended a few places then it hit him that he knew the place we were referring to, but had completely forgotten about. I don't blame him. The place, as it turns out, is in a HOSPITAL!!! By that point I figured we were all in and decided to check it out. This upstanding citizen led us to the place which was just a few blocks away (aka, right nder our noses). Honestly, the place was no big deal. And although the sandwiches were good, eating on a small picnic table u the entrance of a hospital wasn't really my idea of "seeing it like a native", at least not a healthy one.
As it turns out though, the meal wouldn't be the worst the day had to offer. We stil had to get to Seattle and THAT proved to be an absolutely miserable experience. I'm from Miami originally and now live in the bay area. I'm no stranger to traffic, but this traffic was just plain stupid. We would have been better served to have just gone to get the ferry. Even if we had waited THREE hours for the next one it would have been better than waiting in that traffic. Why anyone would commute in that is beyond me.
We finally made it to Seattle and the grand Hyatt. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know......really roughing it!! I don't want to come across like a snob or anything. I can see the appeal of camping, but again, these bikes aren't really geared up for that and if I'm going to be in a city like Seattle for a few days, I wanna stay at a nice place. I can assure you I get very good rates at these places so to us, it's worth it.

When we pulled up to the Hyatt, I waved the porter over to ask him where the parking garage was. When he approaches he says, in a not so pleasant tone, "yeah, what are you guys up to??". "I'm a GUEST here and I'm checking in". Even though he probably deserved it, I left the "FUCKING guest" part out of it. By the expression on the guy's face you can tell he felt like a total ass. He apologized and pointed us in the right direction. (I would later run into him downstairs and with a smile told him I hoped he didn't greet all the guests that way. He was pretty emabarrased and said he was sorry about it. I'm sure he won't do that again.
As is my usual custom, I told the lady at the front desk that she could feel to upgrade us to the presidential suite at no charge.....I wouldn't hold it against her. She then upgraded us to a regular suite. That usually works, or just tell them you're on your honeymoon and that will also do the trick ;)
We were hungry. it was still somewhat early in the evening so we changed and went out for a walk down towards and around Pikes Place Market. We found a sushi place a few blocks from there and got a table. It was a bit more of a trendy place with the rolls costing a small fortune, or at least what you would normally pay for a FEW rolls at a normal sushi restaurant. Even though the rolls did turn out to be pretty huge, it hurt to pay that much for the roll. The food was awesome, but nonetheless when I signed the credit card receipt I actually felt like they had shoved the rolls in.......well, you get the picture.
When we walked around pikes place market we passed by the now well known gum-wall. We had been here about five years ago when it was not as infamous and I took a picture that ended up being used in National Geographic traveler (which for me was pretty cool).

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