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These roads are not on any of my maps, which only adds to the fun.

This road leads to a dead-end, all good, at least I tried it.

This could be a space vehicle ---

Time to use the gas.

It is windy as heck today so the only reprieve out here in the middle of nowhere is behind some type of structure.


The road turns to tarmac.

Then more gravel, and that is good.

There are areas called ĎPublic use areasí all over SD. Many of them are ten or more miles down a rough dirt road. Check out the ones along the Missouri river if you have a chance, the hardest to get to are often the best, and you most likely will have the place to yourself.

A swim and a little laundry is a favorite thing for me while traveling, it allows me to bring less stuff and for some reason I just like it. I even find myself doing socks and undies while traveling for work, like Iím obsessed. It just feels good. Maybe it reminds me of being ĎOn the Roadí and I donít want to let it go. Iím sure.

While riding along, the bike is feeling squirrelly. I pull over next to a farmhouse and find my real axel bolt has come off. S! I knew the cotter pin was brittle when I changed the rear wheel, it half fell apart! I even bought 2 new cotter pins in Minnesota, but of course never installed them. HS am I a dumb F!

The axel worked itself part way out and is pinned in by the lip at the threads. I cannot get the axel pounded back in with the bike standing. I have to find a ditch to drop the bike to be able to get the axel back in all the way. I borrow a hammer from a woman at the farmhouse who had come out to see if I need anything. How nice is that! I love SD.

The axel pounds right back in. Vice-grip pliers are the best, with rope itís a temporary fix. Now its fifteen mile back to Pierre South Dakota, where I hope there will be a hardware store or bike shop open. Itís goanna be after 5:00 PM and I need a big bolt a washer. I have the cotter pin.

Unreal, Pierre has a Harley Davidson shop and its still open at 5:40PM, Oh Yeah. It cost me under three dollars for the parts. I make a comment at the checkout and a guy says ďI thought there was a fifty dollar minimum!Ē we all laugh.

There is still plenty of daylight left, hopefully enough to make it to the Badlands on all back roads. If it starts getting dark I will be camping somewhere along one of these back roads, and there isnít nothing wrong with that, right.
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