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I don't think I would replace plug wires unless they were out of spec. Measure with an Ohm meter. I don't think I would treat a tank interior with Naval Jelly unless I was going to line it with a liner, then the liner kits come with the stripper you need. But you are just tryin to get this bike fired up I think? This idea that people have about restoring a bike coming out of storage, just so they can hit the key and ride around the block, I don't get it. There are things to do but you are first just trying to get the thing running, and ride around the block. After that you will know more about what the bike needs.

Any where there is grease you should clean and regrease. Check preload. If the bearings look OK then they are OK.

Clean the tank with a garden hose, water. Get any and all crud out of the tank. If there is evidence of there had been a lot of flaking or rust passing thru the petcocks you may want to rebuild these otherwise you may decide to go with them if they flow well. Dry the tank with compressed air if you have it, otherwise make sure it is set in the sun and thourolly dry before reusing. I am talking about a basically sound tank. If you have Severe Rust or Pin Holes in the metal we will have to take more extreme measures.

Sometimes you will want to rebuild the carbs or you may decide that a cleaning is all that's needed right away. If the carbs sat with fuel in the bowls they will have a lot of crud in the bowls. But you may get the upper passeges clear with a hundred pounds of air and some B-12 carb cleaner.

Floats, float needles and diaphragms are critical at this stage.

Replace the fuel line. If you want the fuel line filters get the plastic ones that you can see through. If they aren't readily available then run it with out filters.

If the tires hold air they are good enough to ride around the block. You are not going above 30 mph, maybe. You are going to get tires in the next phase but they can wait till you get it running.

You are going to have to check the points and the timing. You should order a set of points and a condenser but may not need them to start the bike. Look at the points in place now. If they transfer of metal from one tip to the other is very much then go ahead and replace them. I would know what this is but it is hard to describe. If unsure, replace the points.

Set the valves.

You will want a new pair of spark plugs. Again use them if the ones there are in question.

Get a new air filter. Replace that. It's hard to see the dirt in an airhead filter.

Change the oils, all the oils and the filters. I even want you to change the fork oil but if you put that one off it's OK.

I have really bad news for you. I would have had this bike running in two days, three at the max.
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