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Originally Posted by Noto View Post
Well.. there's no way I'm ever going to be under 200 pounds (hell, i might go back to 280 if i leave the exercise/diet thing) and i do end up on the slab a lot (i still wouldn't call romanian roads smooth). Might as well accept it and prepare for it. Either way, slab or offroad, it's still underspung.

Now, I *might* have a way to send the forks to SPS without paying an obscene amount for shipping but it's not something definite so ... might as well learn as much as possible.

Thank you, Alex
I'm in Venezuela, and i will get my suspension to superplush, but what i'm goin to do with the forks is open them up (not really hard), take the oil and the spring out and closed them, without the spring and the oil they weight less and you can packed them colllapse so they won't be as tall.
Shipping back to you is another thing.
Having some time off first :(
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