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Originally Posted by Noto View Post
Shipping them back to me would be pretty much the same cost as the actual job. I just don't have that kind of funds available.

If the "alternate" shipping method fails, I'll get the biggest pair of springs that don't required modifications, and run with that. It won't be the best option but it would be an improvement to the present setup.

Thing is ... since i can't find anything remotely resembling a suspension tuner locally (most "tuning" involves switching to progressive springs and using thicker fork oil), i can't do the test/modify/test again procedure so i would prefer to get the forks to someone with a lot of experience, kind of a one-shot deal. We'll see if that works out.

Thank you, Alex

If you are capable of tearing down the forks, why dont we just send you a kit to revalve the springs with fluid, seals, bushings, and valving stacks?
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